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August 5th | 6pm | UK's Longship Club

Public and Civil Servants are responsible for many remarkable, inspiring, and significant accomplishments that are seldom recognized or celebrated. The Lexington Unsung Heroes Ball is an awards program, developed by Leadership Lexington participants, created to highlight and commemorate excellence in the public sectors of Lexington’s community. The Unsung Heroes Ball will distribute seven awards, each honoring distinct and important aspects of public and civil service. Nominees for the Unsung Heroes Awards are exceptional career public and civil servants who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our community, who deserve acknowledgement from those of us who benefit from their work. At a time in our country where research shows a detachment between public institutions and the general public, the Unsung Heroes Ball will provide an opportunity for connection through the stories of Lexington’s greatest public and civil servants. The Unsung Heroes Ball will improve recognition and morale within Lexington’s key public agencies by sharing examples of extraordinary leadership, perseverance, unwavering care, and most importantly, by setting examples for others in the community to follow. While the most important goal of the Unsung Heroes Ball is to recognize and celebrate individuals who have dedicated their lives to public or civil service, this awards program also hopes to provide a positive impact to our local government and show that dedicated public servants are making a difference in our community every day. The Unsung Heroes Ball will not be possible without the support of the community. This is your opportunity to share your or your company’s commitment to Lexington and give back to those who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to our community.

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