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Leadership Lexington is Commerce Lexington’s flagship leadership development program.  The inaugural class graduated in 1980.  The program is directed toward individuals who demonstrate leadership qualities and gives participants the opportunity to better understand our community and to prepare for the challenges it faces by meeting with and learning from today’s leaders.  Leadership Lexington is an educational opportunity that broadens perspectives and allows participants to gain increased understanding of community dynamics and public issues. 


After each year’s class is selected, Leadership Lexington kicks off the year with an overnight retreat where project pitches are shared.  Each class selects up to four community projects to work on and class members self-select which community project they want to work on throughout the program year.  The Leadership Lexington community project experience is the crucible where class members practice and apply leadership skills in a small-group setting while working on a community issue.  They have the opportunity to work with community leaders, gain an in-depth understanding of a community organization and/or community need and make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

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